First Aid

Having children around there will always be little bumps and knocks from falling over or bumping into things. The most common injury to a child around the house is a graze or bruise. We recommend every home should have a complete first aid kit and as a parent, be familiar with basic first aid procedures to make sure your children are always in the safest possible hands.

For treatment of cuts and bruises we recommend as follows:

Cuts and Grazes:
Cuts and grazes are easy to treat but should be treated properly to ensure there is no infection. Make sure the wound is cleaned properly and apply an antiseptic to the wound to make sure there is no infection. Firmly, but not too tightly apply a band-aid or gauze over the wound to keep it clean.

• Rest the injured muscle (I know this is difficult with children)
• Ice on the bruise every 20 minutes reduces the bleeding
• Compression on the bruise site can also reduce blood flow and bleeding in the area
• Elevation of the bruise is also good to reduce the bleeding in the area

For more in depth first aid information please visit the St John Ambulance website at They have the latest first aid information and fact sheets available; you can buy first aid kits, books and enroll in a first aid course at the St John Ambulance webpage.